Chem Source Egypt Is an international trade company based in Cairo established in 2013 with the aim to be a leading plastic and paint raw materials supplier worldwide. Within few years the company became a leading supplier of Plastic raw materials and additives to producers in Egypt and got a prominent position in the international market as an exporter of paint raw materials, paint additives, and plastic finished products from Egypt.


Chem Source Egypt has a dedicated logistics department with various sub-departments ensuring a proficient door to door service for the distribution of products, we are able to supply your cargo to your customers all over the world on time and on budget with best shipping line..Our documentation team is able to arrange export documents on behave of you to facilitate work procedure.


Chem Source Egypt is doing its work professionally according to international work procerdures. quality management system helps us to continually monitor and manage quality across entire organization


 Company started to export through Sokhna port after strikes ended on 18/2/2013.

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